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LG Technologies Kft’s profession is reapairing electronics for industrial automation and heavy machinery. The company has been in business for three years in this form, but our team has a decade of experience in the field of industrial electronics repairs and renovations.

Our skill and relationships makes us capable of repairing industrial electronics, be it 30-yearold legacy technology, or today’s complex state of the art technology. (eg.: ABB, ALLENBRADLEY, BAUMÜLLER, FANUC, HEIDENHAIN, INDRAMAT, KUKA, LUST, MAZAK, OKUMA, SIEMENS, YASKAVA)

Our specializations Industrial electronics CNC-s, servos, servo drives, servo amplifiers, servo power supplies, PLC-s hardware and software repairs, industrial robot repairs, acquisition of components (even after EOL) with warranty.

Drive technology (Fanuc, GE Fanuc, Siemens). Spindles, Gearboxes, Tool changers repairs and renovations with extended warranty, at a price 35-50% cheaper than of new components.

Electric motors Repairs with comprehensive testing, within 24 hours if needed, with free shipping.

Business mindset We do not bill for inspections of components or shipping. Our representatives take care of the logistics and shipping of components both ways. Naturally, it may happen that a component is not repairable, in this case you are only paying for the components that we were able to repair. 

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